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Working with Stealto, we decided to change the approach to the structure and ergonomics of the office chair wheels. One of the main advantages of our project is the silicone coating of the wheel, it more safely for floor, leaving no scratches, while providing more reliable adhesion and faster stop thanks to the braking mechanism. Not only functional, but also the appearance indicates that it was created for movement. They seem to be breaking off and speeding up. Developing the design of a new frame, we wanted to achieve the appearance of modern electric car that dictate the present trends. Like them, the wheel has a thinned clear shape of the frame with broken lines. Fluorescent fragments and enlightenment simultaneously obey and counteract the ideal shape of the wheels, forming the effect of a contrasting broken surface that opens even more in the dark when the luminophore comes into action.
project for STEALTHO designer: voitovych19 2017 year