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We cooperate a lot with different interesting brands and develop product design for them. Every day we improve our skills and fill with strength. One of our goals was to implement and develop some of our ideas under our O I T O brand. We are interested in the experience of launching a product on the market and the development of a full cycle. Starting this new journey with candleholder is a spontaneous decision. The idea of PLUSES is very simple and clear. They consist of aluminum plates. You just insert small details into one main part. The side parts of the candleholder act as handles for convenient transportation. We believe that this product is the maximum reflection of the philosophy of our approach. PLUSES have a very clear idea: they are as simple and functional as possible.​​​​​​​ As for the photo - we want to move away a bit from the usual product shots and give people more emotions and thoughts.
designer: @voitovych19 photographer: Julia Slip 2019