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MELT collection
The development of new items is a responsibility. We believe that such characteristics as ideology, comfort, uniqueness and brevity are very important. After all, what will surround us in the future depends on it. The idea of the coffee table MELT, basically, lies in its most extraordinary form. It has only one leg, which is fastened to the tabletop from above, thereby outlines the shape of the arc, which is used as a handle for moving it in any convenient place for you. The tabletop is made from a thin sheet of aluminum, which is emphasizes lightness and unobtrusiveness. We also added a little table with a bowl to our collection. You can store all your small things in it. Now the most necessities will be near you. MELT light is small dot of light will give soft light to its user.It can be used near your fireplace, your favorite coffetable or sleeping bed. One of the important aspects of this product is its simplicity of construction, even though it seems rather convoluted. In order to assemble or disassemble MELT, you only need two screws that are clamped manually.
for: oitoproducts 2019
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