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Cardiomo is a tracker that monitors the condition of the heart in real-time. It is intended for reading the following indicators: - Heart rate variability - Cardio Stress Level - Vital Energy Activity - Motion, including step count With such a large technological base and functions, the design of the original product was illogical and non-functional. By contacting us, the client wanted to make it more minimalistic, ergonomic, clean. The design required imperceptibility and modesty. The product should have been part of the consumer's body and should not cause any dissonance when used. When we started the redesign, we immediately decided to get rid of unnecessary individuality, unnecessary parts and lines. We faced the question of simplifying the image and reducing the cost of production. The final product consists of two parts of the body and has a very streamlined shape, which solves all the initial problems. Now cardiomo is a good example of a high-quality ergonomic product. Production of the new gadget began in early 2018. It successfully develops in different countries and pleases its customers.
Technical task
Each project must begin with an analysis of the product and its use by consumers. Through this approach, the following main problems were identified: - excessive customness - poor ergonomics - excessive amount of components of the device (high cost of production) - visual noise of the product
project for CARDIOMO designers: voitovych19 , butsecrat 2017 - 2018 years